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“Yahoo!!! Ridem’ Cowboy!!!! Thank you On Demand!! Muah XO”

Samantha – Dallas, TX

“My Boyfriend tried your product once and ROCKED MY WORLD for the WHOLE WEEKEND!!! Now, we use it every weekend!! Thank you!!! Hey, when are you coming out with a little pill for us Women too??!! LOL!!!”….

Tanya – Miami, FL

“I love your product ….. Keep UP the good work!!”

Bruce – Atlanta, GA

“OnDemand is the ONLY way to fly!!!!”

Dave – Muskoka, Ontario

“Three thumbs up …. WAY UP!!!!! On Demand delivers the goods, every time!!”

Rob – New York City

“Thank you OnDemand!! We just can’t get enough of each other now …. Our gas tanks are ALWAYS FULL and reay to go!!! We’re gonna tell all of our friends about your product!!”….

Joseph & Paul – San Francisco, CA

I would definitely endorse this product; it works well. I have no complaint, and I bought more because it works so well. How did the image on site compare with the actual product? Very accurate How accurate was the on site description of the product? Very accurate Please tell us about the quality of the product. Great quality..

mathross from Long Island, NY

IT WORKS FOR SURE After taking these my hubby could not stop in the bed. He stayed erect after many rounds and I totally loved that!! We’re thinking of buying the six month dose…must try thing!!..

artysayshello from MN

These capsules are better than anything i’ve tried. Product did as advertised and a little more. for the price you can’t beat it. highly reccommend..

amb05 from Ga

OnDemand works just like it said it would. betteer then a lot of other products on the market..

garyspielberg from maryland

Man…”my wife is loving the results, thanks for giving me back my dignity”

James Anderson, Toronto

Woman…”Finally, something for women. There’s so much focus on men with E.D. that it seems like they forgot that women can have issues as well. Thank you, our love life is what it was 20 years ago. From all us ladies, thanks”..

Cindy Jones, Atlanta

Man….”you should rename the product ‘Confidence’ because you have given me mine back!”

David Richards, SanFrancisco

Man…”I will be telling all my friends about onDemand. The results are amazing and my wife is much happier, all the best to you”..

Mahmud Khan, Newyork

Man…” I’ve had E.D. for a few years and have tried them all, but the 3 day effect of your product is just unreal!”..

Kim Jobes, Manitoba

Woman….”your product is the best. I even had to change my hubby’s nickname from 2 minute Bill to 2 day Bill. Amazing results!’..

Lora James, Toronto

Man…”great product guys and I no longer get the condescending looks from the pharmacist, keep it up guys!, I know I am”..

Gary Roberts, Quebec

Man…” I love the product. It works great, I feel 10 years younger and I love the fact that it is all natural and there are no side effects!”..

Tom Hanks, Yukon

Woman …”your product has brought the spice back to our marriage. My husband is a changed man, his confidence has never been better. We are reliving our newlywed days”..

Clara Jacobs, Nunavut

Man….”I had to stop taking some of the pharmaceutical products because I experienced some side effects, but your product is great and no side effects”..

Jeff Thomson, Nova Scotia

WOW! I feel like a man again. I haven’t been able to have sex like this since my early twenties. OnDemand is the best!..

Carl, Los Angeles

My friend at the Senior Center gave me a OnDemand capsule and asked me to try it. He wanted to use it but was afraid of a reaction. It was great and now I have my own supply!..


I’ve tried everything and they might work for men but they don’t work for me. OnDemand does work for me and I’m sure it will work for other women. Get your sex life back. Buy some…

Gloria, Miami, FL

If I had known how easy it is to solve my ED problems I’d have been a OnDemand believer a long time ago…

Patrick, Maine

As a young man I was considered an excellent lover; now not so good. Finding OnDemand has given me some hope…

Jacques, Montreal

Nothing makes menopause any easier but OnDemand at least gives me back my desire for sex. Thanks…

Elizabeth, Canton, OH

College guys shouldn’t need things like OnDemand but a few drinks too many can spoil an evening of love.The cheerleaders at our university give FTOD capsules out.Smart girls–pretty too…

Taylor, Boston, MA

Suffer in silence. That’s what most men do about erectile dysfunction. Not me. I always have a month’s supply of OnDemand available…

Scott, Calgary

I am a nutritionist and I strongly recommend OnDemand to my clients who have sexual performance issues – men and women. I haven’t heard any complaints!..

Giselle, Portland, Oregon

I don’t even think about it any more. I routinely take a capsule of OnDemand every Friday and my weekends have been heaven…

Josh, New Orleans

I don’t even think about it any more. I routinely take a capsule of OnDemand every Friday and my weekends have been heaven…

Josh, New Orleans

Lately, probably because of stress and deadlines at work, I haven’t been able to get it up when I want to. I’m going on vacation to a great spot with my lady and can’t risk being a sexual dud. OnDemand was the first thing I packed.

George (and Sandra !), SF,CA

Gay guys are supposed to be always on. I’m not but thank heavens I have OnDemand.

Leroy, South Carolina

Hallelujah! I’m a new man!

William, Macon, GA