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Alpha Elite has developed the perfect dietary supplement line for active duty military personnel where maximum physical performance and protection of the human body from the physical stress found on today’s battle field is vitally important to mission success, it is called Alpha Elite’s M.P.E.R.C. Alpha Elite’s M.P.E.R.C. is designed to significantly increase overall physical and muscular performance, reduce muscle loss from over exertion and decrease muscle recovery time while training for and deployed to a combat area. It has been tested and co-developed with the help of USMC Snipers / Recon, USMC Infantry, ARMY Infantry, Defense Contractors, and other active duty and retired military personnel that work and live an a physically demanding environment.

After several years of testing by US Army, Marine Infantry Snipers, contractors and other military personnel we have developed a muscle supplement that blows all others away. Strength is documented to increase by 35%+ Endurance is documented to more then double. and absolutely quick recovery. (most users can go from a 14 mile hump to immediately running 6+ miles and still have energy to perform other tasks easily. Do more push ups, pullups and more reps at the gym. Run quicker and for a longer distance Relieve joint and muscle pain Protect muscle tissue and tendons from overexertion. Perform much better then before.

Alpha Elite’s M.P.E.R.C. has added benefits including… Reduces combat related stress on the body by balancing Cortical levels in the body and reducing the “crash” experienced after the body initiates a “Fight or Flight” response. Joint and tendon pain. Many users of Alpha Elite’s M.P.E.R.C. report that their joints are relieved from pain and feel more lubricated. Most say that long term exercise cycles while taking Alpha Elite’s M.P.E.R.C. do not affect the joints and tendons like they normally do enabling the user to perform past the point of pain induced stopping. Additionally many users also report that joint and tendon injuries feel “repaired” and that they feel they can work out without re-injuring their bodies.

Many people who in the past stopped long cardio workout based programs due to pain in the knees, hips and ankles were able to resume and even surpass performance levels they had before because of this supplement. Simple Facts and Important Information about Alpha Elite’s M.P.E.R.C. The test group was active military, former military and defense contractors. All members of the test group and all current customers see drastic improvements in muscle performance, endurance and recovery times. When I’m taking the product I can run a half marathon in the morning, and again in the evening with no recovery time the next day.. it is really a good blend.

This product is not designed to gain mass, it is designed for performance, and endurance of the muscle tissue. M.P.E.R.C. has extra testing done to it to ensure that all raw ingredients are clean and not adulterated. The reason for the extra finished product testing is because service professionals are tested constantly for illegal substances. This testing increases the cost of the product but ensures that the service member is not taking a pro-hormone or steroid. Effects are usually felt in 1.5 to 2 days.