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customer stories

Gladys, Nova Scotia

As much as I try, the desire and need for sex is slowly going out of my life. The cause, they say, is menopause and I’m ready to believe them. Unfortunately, I’m one of those women who started menopause a lot earlier than most – in my mid-30s as a matter of fact.

I started getting hot flashes and night sweats when I was about 36 years old and I immediately went to the doctor, since I have never been reluctant to deal with whatever may be wrong with me. Some of my friends say that I’m a little too quick to go to the doctor’s office, but I don’t agree. I am not at all comfortable when my body doesn’t do what I expect it to do. Like so many other women in my shoes, the doctor, a male, looked at me and suggested in the most unassuming way that maybe I was nuts! He suggested everything from depression meds to seeing a psychiatrist, even after I proposed that maybe I was experiencing a very early menopause. He never agreed with me, so I didn’t go back.

For the last few years I have been able to conquer all the common symptoms of menopause including those hot flashes, night sweats, heart palpitations and even sleeplessness by researching and taking many supplements. I’m kind of a naturalist, so I won’t put chemicals into my body. What I use are all herbal supplements and vitamins. All the symptoms are gone except one – I have no desire for sex.

If I were a single woman, I’d just lay off sex for the rest of my life and that would be fine. I’m not and I have a husband who is not demanding at all but does get cranky without sex. I went back to my research and found OnDemand.

OnDemand fits well with my idea of what I want to put into my body – all natural herbs and supplements with no filler, no dyes or colorings, and no chemical process to change them all into a homogenized glob. The ingredients in OnDemand are as close to Mother Nature as if I picked these things myself.

Even better, they do the job. I take the capsule every other week when I know my hubby is getting impatient and randy and, believe it or not, I actually feel like having sex. Now, if I can only teach him about satisfying me as well as he takes care of himself, I wouldn’t have to depend on the 72 hour effect of OnDemand to take matters into my own hands – and fingers!!

Lyle and Sheila, Denver, CO

Think of the ten most unlikely people you can think of to be burdened with Erectile Dysfunction and I’ll bet one of them is me! Most people would come up with the most virile, masculine type guys they can think of. That’s what most people think of me. I am a professional football player – American football that is. The kind of football where being 310lbs. of solid muscle is a big advantage. Kids look up to us. Ladies drool over us. General Managers like to watch us chow down at the buffet table putting on as much bulk as possible in the off-season!

There was a time, a very brief time in college, where I experimented with some illegal drugs – steroids and stuff. I never got hooked and I never really felt that they helped me at all. I have always considered myself a “natural” sort of guy and steroids didn’t really fit into the image I had of myself. Nevertheless, here I am in my mid-thirties, healthy looking, and strong and my girl friend has been disappointed by me in the bedroom more times than I can remember. Maybe it was the steroids. Maybe it’s in my genes – who would know since guys in my family don’t talk about stuff like that. Whatever the reason, I have erectile dysfunction and I wasn’t doing anything about it until a few months ago. You see, my girlfriend Sheila, she doesn’t give up! She let me know she was disappointed because she really likes sex and I think she really likes having sex with me. She said she’d help if I was willing to own up to it and cooperate. I agreed and that’s where OnDemand came into the picture.

I don’t know where she heard about it or how she got hold of it but one evening before dinner she asked me to just have something light – a salad if I remember correctly. She then gave me one of these blue capsules and she took one herself. She said that if we were going to beat this, we were going to do it together. After our little salads we sat down on the couch and she turned on some porn. I thought I knew where she was going with all this and about an hour after taking that little blue capsule she was all over me and, I couldn’t believe it, I was up for the challenge!

I just do what she says now and those little blue capsules have become my new best friends.

Stephen, NYC

I am in my sixties – sixty-eight years old to be exact. I am not married and never have been married. I have had a healthy active sex life for many years and, although most people have a hard time believing it, there are lots of women out there who avoid getting hitched up as much as I do.

I consider myself a sociable guy, so I have never had difficulty meeting and sleeping with women. I travel a lot, mostly for work, and I enjoy going on cruises and long vacations that take me far from home. I have been told that I’m not bad looking and, frankly, younger women are attracted to me more times than not. I have plenty of money and perhaps that’s part of my allure but I’m not one to complain.

To this day I have never had a problem getting an erection. I am as responsive to a sexy woman now as I was thirty years ago and I am very much in control when I decide to have an orgasm. I did go to the doctor a few months ago because I noticed a definite decrease in volume as I ejaculated. I have had a vasectomy for many years and I started to think that maybe something had gone wrong with that. I don’t like going to the doctor’s office and my recent experience reinforced that feeling.

My doctor listened to what I described as my problem, mulled it over, or so I thought, and proceeded to prescribe for me the same erectile dysfunction prescription medication that I’m sure he prescribes for any guy who comes in with a sexual issue. ED is not my problem and any drug designed for ED is not going to help. I knew that, but I took the pills anyway.

All I got was a headache, a flushed face, and a sensation that I needed to get my glasses changed as soon as possible. I have always believed that doctors want and need to be able to cure you with a pill or a scalpel and nothing will ever change my mind.

To make a long story short I abandoned his recommendation and tried OnDemand. Something in there, the Saw Palmetto if I am reading the website correctly, increased the flow of my ejaculate appreciably and the young women keep flocking to me. Thank you, OnDemand.

Mario, Indianapolis, IN

I am in my sixties – sixty-eight years old to be exact. I am not married and never have been married. I have had a healthy active sex life for many years and, although most people have a hard time believing it, there are lots of women out there who avoid getting hitched up as much as I do.

I was surfing the internet looking for websites that talk about hot cars and racing. That’s my thing. I get off on speed and I own two cars – one a classic 1955 Chevrolet, that does everything except play 1950s rock and roll on the original radio. It’s mostly a show car. My other car is a modified Porsche that I race on a local track around where I live. It’s a lot of fun, if you know what you are doing.

Well, in the middle of browsing through car sites I came upon OnDemand. It took me about two minutes to realize that I had moved off the beaten path. Even though there were pictures of cars on most of the web pages and all kinds of references to speed and performance, this site wasn’t about cars. It made me curious, so I read on. I was impressed.

I guess I’m lucky. I don’t have ED and my gal is as hot as a skillet. Sometimes, I think if I wet my finger and touched her she would sizzle! No kidding. She says I’m hot too and that I ring her bells well enough in the sack but guys, even me, are a little self-conscious and we always think we can do better. At least we want to do better. “If we can do it once, why can’t we do it again, and maybe even another time after that?”

The fact is, we can’t have orgasm after orgasm without some help and OnDemand is just what the doctor ordered. I secretly ordered a package of four capsules since I wanted to give it a try without Laurie knowing that I was getting a little help. Sunday is our “play day.” I mess around with the cars on Saturdays and she has a bookkeeping side job on Saturdays. So, on Sunday mornings we sleep in and have a go at each other. I’m usually the one who tires out first but a few Saturday nights ago I took a OnDemand before bed and I woke up with a “flag-pole” of an erection. That’s not odd. What was odd, was I was able to keep it going all morning and into the afternoon. This time around, Laurie was the one begging for mercy! I’m not sure if the makers of OnDemand intended for it to be a “fun” pill, but it certainly is for me. I’m a regular customer now and Laurie is scratching her head wondering exactly what happened to me!

Carlos M. June 2012

Most people are not aware of this but prostitution is legal in Aruba. When I first visited there in the 1970’s I had no idea. I lived in the US for many years although I am a citizen of Venezuela so I speak English, Dutch, Spanish and the “pidgin” that is so common on the island. After I learned about the success of this business I started to plan for my future and now I run a very nice bar in San Nicolas and I employ a number of girls who ply their trade in the rooms adjacent to my establishment.

When most people hear “prostitution” they think of something sleazy and dirty but that’s not the case here at all. Prostitution is limited to the area around San Nicolas, which is at the very southern end of Aruba, the closest part of the island to Venezuela. The town is best known as an oil town and many of the inhabitants are in the refinery business or the oil import business. Most of the girls who work for me come from South America, Venezuela in particular.

The government regulates prostitution in Aruba and they are very serious about it. We do not go near the tourist end of the island but tourists can come to us if they wish. Our local police guarantee that the streets are safe, and our government medical people guarantee that the girls are healthy and disease free. It’s a business and we run it like a business.

So what does all of this have to do with OnDemand? I’m writing to say that your product is something I buy in bulk and it has done wonders keeping my girls’ “spirits” up. Sex is a great thing, don’t get me wrong. But sex as a job can be a drudgery and bored, uninspired girls are not the kind who make the customers happy. Happy customers mean more business; more business means more money for me and more for the girls, most of whom work on commission.

When I suggested taking a dose of OnDemand to some of my girls they laughed at me. These ladies have been around the block and none of them had ever encountered anything that would make them feel like having sex on a regular basis. Feeling like having sex always makes the job easier so one of my best girls tried a capsule and now she takes one every three days or so to keep her in the mood.
My regular customers noticed too and remarked that the good time they usually had with Anita had suddenly turned into a fantastic time. They wanted to know if I knew why and all I said was, “Maybe you are tipping her better than you used to!”
OnDemand is advertised as a male enhancement aide! I’m here to tell you it’s a business enhancement aide too!

Flo, Alabama, US of A

I’m not much of a reader but I do like trashy magazines. You know, the gossipy ones that tell all the latest stories about which celebrities are doing it with which other celebrities. I know most of it is made up stuff but they’re fun to read and it’s better than TV!

When most people hear “prostitution” they think of something sleazy and dirty but that’s not the case here at all. Prostitution is limited to the area around San Nicolas, which is at the very southern end of Aruba, the closest part of the island to Venezuela. The town is best known as an oil town and many of the inhabitants are in the refinery business or the oil import business. Most of the girls who work for me come from South America, Venezuela in particular.

In one of those magazines I found an article by one of those “sex therapists.” I don’t really believe that she is a sex therapist. For all I know, she isn’t even a she!!! Anyway, some of the statistics that she talked about got me thinking.

Did you know that “61% of women sometimes have trouble getting lubricated enough” for sex? I thought I was the only one!!!
And, “36% of women say their partner sometimes can’t climax” was another little piece of info in the article. I thought my guy was the only one who got so tired at work that he couldn’t get it up.

You can imagine that those two little statements got my mind thinking. If there are so many people with these kinds of problems – 61% of women, is a lot of women – there must be somebody doing something about it. Then I started wondering if those people who were working on the “lady” problem might also be working on the “guy” problem as well. I dropped my magazine on the coffee table and grabbed my laptop. I couldn’t believe how many drugs and herbal supplements there were out there for what they called “sexual dysfunction.”

But here’s the kicker! I could only find one pill that worked on both of these problems at the same time. Yup! Took care of the lady problem and the guy problem all at once! That pill, capsule I should say, was OnDemand.

Otis, he’s my husband, owned up to being a bit limp down there and I sure as heck know I am not as slippery as I once used to be so we agreed to try one capsule each and see what happened. Short answer! They worked! Now our weekend evenings are a lot like they used to be and I have a lot less time for trashy magazines.

I have been talking to my girlfriends about OnDemand because I know some of them have the same problems me and Otis had. They’re a little embarrassed to talk about it but they can see the change in me. They will soon be believers too.
Thank you, Good Life OnDemand.

William, SF,CA

Maybe guys like me are not the demographic that you are looking for and if that’s the case, then this personal story will never make it to your website. No matter! I feel obligated to say what I’m going to say and if other guys like me get a chance to profit from my experiences, great. If people read about my story on here, it’s even better.

I am a gay man and we can experience the pain of erectile dysfunction just like any other guy. Although we have to be careful in public about how we dress and how we talk and how we act because of narrow-minded, biased, unthinking people, we are all made pretty much the same. Most diseases and conditions that affect you, can affect me as well. ED does not discriminate.

I have had diabetes since I was a child. At one time or another I have suffered from the effects of this ravaging disease. I always have to watch what I eat and if I don’t regulate my sugar intake, I pay for it. In addition, I am a slave to daily injections of insulin. Diabetes, coupled with getting older and being more out of shape than I want to be, are probably at the bottom of my ED and my diabetes isn’t going away. I just have to deal with it.

Like it or not, gay men are sexual beings just like you are. When we can’t function sexually it’s just as traumatic for us as it is for you. Deal with it! I wasn’t willing to let my sex life go down the drain just because of ED so I started to ask around. One of my friends at work, a straight guy who works in the cubicle next to mine, told me about OnDemand and my life has changed since then.

Nobody looks at you cross-eyed when you order OnDemand over the internet, like they do in the drug store when you go to pick up your Viagra prescription. On top of that, now I do not have to deal with the crazy side effects of prescription medication. When you have diabetes and you start to get blurred vision or dizziness the first thing you think of is dying, not some side effect of a drug the doctor ordered. Who needs that? OnDemand does what it is intended to do without any side effects at all that I am aware of.
Give it a try!

Linda, Arizona

Most people I talk to have rather strong feelings about my job. They usually wish they were me or are eternally grateful that they are not. Almost no one has “wishy washy” feelings about what I do professionally for a living.

I am a sexual surrogate. I have sex with people, usually men, for a living.
Many people have never even heard the term let alone know anything about it but when I tell them that I often engage in sexual activities as a job they have a hard time distinguishing me from a prostitute. In some cases, government officials have a hard time making the same distinction, so we who are in the business don’t flaunt our work or advertise unnecessarily.

I usually work as part of a team (psychiatrist, therapist, counselor, etc.) and before I became a sexual surrogate, I was a social worker. Many of my clients have been injured or involved in some kind of trauma that has ultimately affected their sex lives. Bringing them back to a healthy, normal sex life often involves a combination of talk therapy, physical therapy, modeling and mirroring, and yes, actual sex, sometimes intercourse.

Sad as it may sound, the US involvement in warfare in the gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan for the past 15 years or so has increased my business to the point where I often must refer potential patients out to other colleagues. Young healthy men, wounded and strained mentally, frequently come to me for therapy.

I work alone but I do use sexual tools and one of the supplements I use is OnDemand. It does what it says it will do and there are no side effects. There’s nothing like a good, reliable erection booster and libido enhancer to give a young man confidence again. In anywhere from 3 to 6 sessions I can usually get someone who still has the physical capacity for good erections back on track. Without OnDemand, I fear that more sessions would be needed.

If I were you I wouldn’t rush out looking for applications to become a sexual surrogate just yet. It’s not just one big “fuck fest.” In many cases it’s hard work for both me and my patient and there are always failed attempts and disappointment to deal with at first. I’m good at what I do but OnDemand makes my job a little easier.

Joe from Atlanta w/ED

I know this isn’t an AA group or anything like that but what I’m going to say will sound like an AA introduction. My name is Joe and I have ED. I’m sure that doesn’t sound familiar to you, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard it (with different first names put in of course). I have been going to ED support groups for a while and although the camaraderie and fellowship are great, the stories are almost always worse than mine (somehow that makes me feel better even though that sounds mean and cruel!) I still wish that I didn’t have erectile dysfunction.

I’m in my 60s and up until a few years ago (actually it’s almost 10 years now) getting an erection and holding on to it wasn’t a problem. My wife and I had a very pleasant (sometimes even a WOW sex life). A few years ago she had a terrible bout with cancer – one of those quick lethal ones – and she died. There’s no other way to make it sound any better. The love of my life died before I even knew it and I fell, tumbled actually, into a deep depression that lingers until today.

Doctor’s can’t do much for cancer even though they say they can. They can do a lot for depression though so I started on one medication after another. I’m grateful for them because now I can at least get out of bed and live a fairly normal life. Sex? That was gone. Soon after the depression hit and the meds kicked in I realized that I couldn’t even get myself off. That’s when the support groups started.

You get a lot of information at support groups and one of the guys there told me about OnDemand. He spoke to me about it in private since the leaders of the group prefer that you “work things out” in your mind. I didn’t feel like waiting that long! OnDemand works for me.

Once I was convinced that OnDemand could get me back to where I wanted to be as far as performing in a sexual relationship, I started to look around for someone to perform with. They say that the internet has everything to offer and they’re right. Do you know that there are groups of women who PREFER guys with ED? They say the men are more patient, more caring, more giving. Whatever their reasons are I have connected with a few very nice women and thanks to OnDemand I can hold my own in the sack!

That’s my story!

Dr. Louise G. 7/9/2012

I am a sex therapist living in the USA, California to be precise, and I have a booming practice. The prevalence of sexual performance difficulties in this country, and all over the world I am sure, is mind-boggling. I started out by advertising my practice in local interest magazines and I never had to cast my net any father than that. With those ads and the recommendations of my former clients, I do very well.

Unfortunately, if I am doing well that means that there are a lot of people, men and women, out there whose lives are full of angst over sex. My patients are old and young, every nationality imaginable, all sizes and shapes. Sexual dysfunction is an unbiased, unprejudiced condition. No matter who you are, what you do for a living, or how much money you make, difficulties in the bedroom will knock you off your feet.

Some of the people I see are victims of accidents or diseases and there is very little I can do for them except reassure them and help them find ways to bring pleasure and enjoyment into their lives. Many of my patients are victims of surgeries that were not supposed to make them impotent or cause erectile dysfunction. Others are experiencing the side effects of medications they take for other conditions – mostly high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Any still others are depressed or are experiencing the debilitating effects of some kind of trauma.

I do what I can for them and sometimes it takes a while to get them back on their feet. As a therapist you must have a large “bag of tricks” full of every means necessary to rid people of this horrible conditions. My bag contains talk therapy, exercise and good nutrition, yoga, meditation, and yes, herbal sexual enhancement treatments like OnDemand.

I read about OnDemand a few months ago and, being very open about sex, I bought some and my boyfriend and I gave it a trial run. Wow! Were we surprised! For once, the rhetoric on a webpage about what something can do was true. OnDemand increased our level of desire, enhanced our physical encounter, and my friend, generally only a once and done kind of guy, came back for seconds soon after we finished the first time.

OnDemand has a permanent place in my bag of tricks. Any of the patients I have recommended it to come back for their next appointment with big, really big, smiles on their faces.

Henry O., Las Vegas

I am not a user of OnDemand. I wanted to get that out of the way first. At this time in my life, I’m in my early thirties, I don’t need a male sexual enhancement aid. Someday maybe I will but right now I don’t.

Nevertheless, I have a “connection” with OnDemand. About a year ago I came into some money, well let’s say I came into a good deal of money, and I wanted to make an investment that would provide me with a decent income so that I could settle down, get married, and have a family. I looked around, and since the economic crash of 2008, properties and businesses in certain parts of the country (the USA) are reasonably priced if not down right cheap! On top of that I enjoy getting out, meeting people, and having a good time. What better place to do that than in Las Vegas, Nevada!

I talked to some friends, contacted a few real estate agents and for less than the price of a home somewhere else in the country, I purchased a business AND a 2 bedroom house. The house is a great buy – I love the neighborhood and my neighbors are great people, all transplants from somewhere else in the country. The business I wasn’t sure about – it was a gamble.

I’m not going to mention the franchise I bought into, but I will say that some customers refer to my store as a “Barnes and Noble of porn.” I sell all kinds of sex related paraphernalia, videos, books, and clothing that ranges from sexy to skanky! I also do a brisk business in male and female libido enhancers and other natural sexual enhancers. OnDemand is my best selling product.

The guy who owned the store before me didn’t carry it and maybe that’s why he wanted out of the business. Once I started to stock it, I had trouble keeping it on the rack. My customers come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and sexes. I was surprised to find that women buy OnDemand as often as men do. I can usually tell which customers are buying it to make their big night of clubbing, partying, and gambling come to an even better conclusion and which ones need it so that they can keep their wives happy and at home – and important consideration in this town that is often referred to as “Sin City.”

I have a standing order for OnDemand and that’s not gonna change anytime soon.