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Aug 24th 2018

Sexual stimulation in men and women occurs in a different manner but the sexual pleasure both go through at the time of orgasm is about the same even though the stimulation to climax is different. A good sexual relation depends a lot on the physical and emotional factor, which controls the sexual stimulating process. Sexual performance derailment comes in many forms, it may occur in the form of vaginal dryness and discomfort in women and erectile dysfunction in men. It may also occur due to physical factors like imperfect supply of blood to genitals, loss of sex hormones due to age, diabetes, high blood pressure and neurological conditions and psychological factors like lack of sexual desire, fear of failure and impotency in both men and women. Allure Imports Inc is the number one company manufacturing Sexual enhancement products from the ingredients of plants and herbs, which can be used by men and women. Our Ondemand for him and her capsules is one such supplement, which acts in both body, mind, and provides solution to all sexual dysfunction in both men and women.

Ondemand for him and her capsules are produced from the extracts of epimedium, tribulus terrestris, panax ginseng, rhodiola rosea, lycium chinensis, cortex cinnamon, maca, tongkat ali and avena sativa to give more sexual power and rectify all types of psychological, physical and sexual dysfunctions in both men and women.Our R&D department consisting of trained technicians, medical professionals and independent evaluators after identifying these ingredients from plants and herbs have isolated, extracted and encapsulated using modern technology with the same effect, quality and guarantee.

The advantages and benefits of Ondemand for him and her herbal enhancement pills are enhanced sex drive in both men and women, immediate effect within 2 hours, fully satisfying sexual intercourse, rectifying premature ejaculation, lasting up to 72 hours and multiple erections and orgasms in men and women.This capsule can also be used for better reproductive, sexual health, general health, sleep, reduce stress and tension, increase self-esteem, more youthful appearance and better fitness. The product reviews by satisfied customers who had used our on demand for him and her capsules will stand testimony that this capsule is the ideal solution for people who needs a stronger dose of sex boosters and rectify their physical and psychological problems related to sexual dysfunctions.

Ondemand for him and her capsules comes in one, 4, 8 and 48 capsule packs, which are available in leading supermarkets and it, also are ordered online through our website