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Alpha 1-Andro

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Alpha 1-Andro

Alpha 1-Andro includes 3 basic ingredients proven to help the male body achieve higher levels of physical performance. Tested and approved by SOF Elite soldiers in the US military. Alpha 1-Andro is an advanced product which is more potent than the competition. With Alpha 1-andro you will lean out while producing rock hard muscle and increased strength. Alpha 1-Andro will also increase testosterone which has been known to increase libido as well. Use is 2 to 3 capsules a day with 4 hours in between each capsule.  A pct is recommended the last week of using Alpha 1- andro. Two bottles is recommended for a cycle.

Alpha 1-ANDRO 650mg **
L2X Matrix CLA Powder
Tribulus Terrestris >98%
Androsta (androsta 3 5 dien-7,17-dione)